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About company

InBalt electro started working as an electronic components supplier in 1998. Nowadays InBalt electro is an official partner of a number of foreign producers of electrical products and equipment. We make direct deliveries of these products with transportation through Russia and CIS states on regular basis.

Engineering solutions and knowledge of the market of equipment and materials are our principal assets. Closely cooperating with our partners and using our experience, we always try to deliver our clients high-level technical support and the best working conditions.

We only cooperate with those manufacturers, who have a long-term experience and a good name in the international market. The high-tech equipment, perfect technical control, and broad experience, that our partners use in their production, makes them recognized leaders in their industries. The quality of their products and services is proved by thousands of customers worldwide.

All connectors are highly reliable and made with applied technologies that make it possible to maintain constant performance specifications during the connector lifetime.

Electro exhibition 2012
InBalt electro takes part in Electro exhibition 2012
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The products we supply correspond to the highest quality standard. We select goods for the Russian market, based on the following criteria:

  • Demand for the product in the international market;
  • Definite need for it in the Russian market;
  • Innovative production designed for different process equipment.

Almost all of our employees have higher technical education in the field. The team of our company is united, and each of the employees knows that he contributes to the development of our company and positioning of InBalt electro as a reliable partner in the international market.

Respect for customers is the principal rule for our service. Working with us you will get attentive treatment of you and of your requirements. Our consulting experts will help you to orientate yourself in the great variety of products and choose exactly what satisfies your requirements. Our experts will help you to select products from our catalogues, advise you on the products engineering data, and, if necessary, agree with a producer on a customized order.

We suggest that you should get evidence that working with InBalt electro you will have «CONFIDENCE IN EVERY CONTACT»!



Adress: 37 Kantemirovskaya street, office 416, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 194100

Phone: (812) 635 9590