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Company profile

InBalt electro started working as an electronic components supplier in 1998.

Nowadays InBalt electro is an official partner of a number of foreign producers of electrical products and equipment. We make direct deliveries of these products with transportation through Russia and CIS states on regular basis.

Engineering solutions and knowledge of the market of equipment and materials are our principal assets. Closely cooperating with our partners and using our experience, we always try to deliver our clients high-level technical support and the best working conditions.

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 Our partners
  • Партнеры ИнБалт электро
  • InBalt electro partners
  • InBalt electro partners
Aerospace Engineering Automotive Alternative Energy Galvanotechnics Petroleum Industry Robototechnics Telecommunications Energetics

 Contract production
  Высокоточная обработка металла Quality metalworking
Telegaertner produces a wide rage of hardware.
Services rendered: honing and polishing, metal thermal treatment (quenching, roasting), thermal deburring, surface improvement (tinning, chrome plating, silvering, gilding, blueing, eloxation).
With modern turning machines controlled numerically...
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Кабельные сборки (жгуты) Haernesses (banded cables)
TelegaertnerTelegaertner produces a wide selection of cables and harnesses of any complexity for different industries.
The factory is equipped for termination, bunching, tags pinching, both for large output and for low-volume production, based on customers’ requirements.
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 Best sallers
Powerlock connectors
Connectors Powerlock ITT Veam
High-voltage busbars
High voltage busbars
High-voltage cables
High voltage cables
Crimping tools
Crimping tools

Veam PowerLock power connectors. 1000V, 400 – 660A


Braided, multilayer busbars with silicon insulation


Power cables: silicon, PVC, thermoplastic elastomer


Cable crimping tool

Control centers
for solar modules
Распределительные коробки для солнечных модулей
Accessories for test and measurement
Акксессуары для измерительной техники
Power connectors
Power connectors
High-voltage cables with water cooling
High voltage cables with water coolling

Control centers and components for alternative energy systems


Probes, hubs, sockets, and other accessories for measurement technology


Industrial power sockets and plugs, 16-125A


Cables with water cooling, up to 6 000 mm2 section, 20 000 А